One global mobile number for travel in 195+ countries

  • Incoming calls 109+ countries - for free!
  • Incoming SMS is free, sending for 0.05Є in 195+ countries
  • Mobile Internet access at ultra-low tariffs from 0.01Є in 136 countries
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Cooltel advantages

One global number +372

Be in touch in 195+ countries

Global cost savings

No contract, obligations and hidden fees

All SIM formats and simple connection

Standard SIM, micro SIM and nano SIM. Setting up your device does not take more than a minute!

It works just like your regular operator sim



Mobile internet access

Call forwarding

Second line

Conference Call

Anonymous number

Gold number

Convenient management of cards and funds

Buy cards, top-up and monitor usage history online on any device

Frequently asked questions

How to buy a card and top-up?

You can top-up the TEZ Telecom balance using Visa and MasterCard payment cards online, please choose SHOP in mane menu, and in cash in our partners' terminals: select the TEZ Telecom logo and follow the instructions.

What's my number?

To find out your Cooltel number you need: • Dial on the telephone keypad *146*98010*# • Press the 'Call' Within a few seconds you will receive an SMS message with your Cooltel number.

How to check the balance?

To check the SIM-card balance you should login to user area or on the phone follow: • Dial on the telephone keypad 099 or *146*99# • Press the 'Call' Within a few seconds on the mobile phone screen a message with information on the current balance of your SIM-card will appear.

Internet access setup (APN)

Please set on your device the access point (APN): Username: (leave blank) Password: (leave blank)

How to call to Cooltel?

To make calls to Cooltel from other operators’ numbers you should: • Dial the symbol «+» or «00» (international format) • Enter the prefix 372 and the phone number and press 'Call' (example: +3725ХХХХХХХ or 003725ХХХХХХХ) IMPORTANT! Calls to the Cooltel numbers are charged as an outgoing call to Estonia (prefix 372).

Call Forwarding

If you want to divert the incoming calls to the Cooltel, to any other number, then use call diversion service. Call forwarding is free to the phone numbers of states with no extra rates are acting. To enable forwarding, dial on Cooltel phone code *146*081*00# and press 'Call' To turn off call forwarding, dial on the Cooltel phone code *146*080# and press 'Call' button.

Validity period of Cooltel card and balance

Cooltel balance does not expire, provided that the balance is topped-up once every 180 days. Cooltel SIM-card is void without the possibility to restore the number, if 12 months passed since the last replenishment.

Restore / replace a Cooltel SIM card

Replacing a faulty Cooltel card is free of charge. In the case of loss of Cooltel card it can be restored through any regional partner of TEZ Telecom or application for restoration online. In the latter case, the new card will be delivered to you by courier or by mail. IMPORTANT: This service is paid. On the cost, check with your regional partner or with the support service of TEZ Telecom.

Other TEZ Telecom cards

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Only Internet

Mobile Internet access in 115+ countries at ultra low tariffs from 0.01Є per Megabyte


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Free chat in Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Viber in 87+ countries throughout the year


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