eSIM Zimbabwe. Mobile internet in Zimbabwe - eSIM or SIM

eSIM Zimbabwe from TEZ telecom. Affordable mobile internet in Zimbabwe. Pay as you go for 365 days or even with no time restrictions! Order eSIM Zimbabwe or SIM Zimbabwe right now!

Rate Global - 0.02 €/Mb
  • Truly high-speed connection in the Zimbabwe. NO speed reduction: You pay only for consumed traffic by Kilobytes. Please note, that we will never limit your speed.
  • Stable connection through the nation’s top-tier Zimbabwe networks.
  • Retain your WhatsApp number on your mobile device hassle-free
  • Hotspot available. Share your connection with family and friends 
  • Fast setup and activation, no ID required.
  • Say goodbye to roaming fees and the quest for public WiFi networks.”
  • 24/7 English and Russian-speaking customer support is always ready to assist
  • Seamlessly connect to lightning-fast 4G/LTE Internet in Zimbabwe using an international eSIM, with the option to pay solely for consumed web traffic for an entire year or opt for data access without any time restrictions.
  • Indulge in uninterrupted access to your preferred communication and entertainment apps like YouTube, TikTok, Netflix, Google Maps, WhatsApp, and more, all at consistently high speeds. You can conveniently retain your local SIM card for receiving SMS and essential calls.
  • Share your Internet connection through the mobile hotspot feature.
  • Setting up these travel eSIMs is a breeze: Instantly receive a QR code in your email. Just scan it with your cell phone camera, and within moments, you’ll be online and ready to go.

All smartphones with eSIM technology are compatible with our eSIM.

But to be 100% sure, check it now

  • Speed: 4G / LTE
  • Tethering / Hotspot: Yes
  • Tariffication: by downloading Kilobyte, pay as you go.
  • Days of use: 365 or unlimited 
  • Phone number: No
  • Plan type: Prepaid
  • SMS: No
  • Analog calls: No, only through apps (VoIP).
  • Activation: Automatic, activated when connected to a cellular network.
  • Compatibility: all smartphones with eSIM-enabled technology.
  • We also have SIM cards, if your device doesn’t support eSIM.
  • Speed reduction: NO, never. Only high-speed connection without manual reduction
  • Coverage: You will enjoy good coverage and speed in Zimbabwe in all cities where the network is available.
  • Shipping: almost instant, via email.
  • Delivery time: 24/7, in seconds after purchase.
  • Installation: scan a QR code.
  • ID required: No
  • Designed for: tourism, backpackers, vacations, pilots, seamen, cargo ship workers, digital nomads, and business.


Key advantages of Zimbabwe eSIM by TEZ Telecom

We are not only better than our competitors. We’re different.

Cristal clear fee

By downloading Kilobates, pay as you go.

Low rates

Stay online from 2€/GB in 191 countries.

No speed reduction

Only the highest possible speed. We will down-cut it.

Tethering / Hotspot

You can always share internet access with your family and friends.

Service duration

365 days of internet access or even without limits by time

Easy setup and Italyge

You will get the QR of the eSIM setup in minutes via email. Internet connection will be established automatically in all 191 countries.

How you will get access to the internet in Zimbabwe

And other 190 countries with only one eSIM Global by TEZ telecom

Verify Your Smartphone's eSIM Compatibility

Ensure that your mobile device is compatible with eSIM technology. If your device doesn’t support eSIM we also have SIM cards!

Purchase Your Prepaid eSIM

Pick the option that suits best for you.

Scan the QR Code It's a straightforward process.

Simply scan the QR code provided to you and activate data roaming in your settings. You're now ready to browse the internet seamlessly.

What you should know

Why Zimbabwe eSIM by TEZ telecom is best for you

No Phone Number Included with this eSIM

Exclusively provides data access and does not support traditional phone calls or SMS. You can, however, utilize apps like WhatsApp or Skype to make calls to your contacts.

Ensure Compatibility of Your Phone with eSIM

To use this eSIM, please confirm that your phone is unlocked and falls within our list of supported devices, which includes Apple iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, 12, 12 Mini, and Google Pixel 3, 4, 5. If you need a SIM card instead, we have it.

Data Sharing is Supported

Please note that with this eSIM you can easily share data or use a hotspot to connect other devices.

Comfort service for a long time

All our eSIM included service of internet access for one year. Don’t like limits? Choose unlimited service by time!

Frequently asked question

How do I buy eSIM Global?

You can purchase SIM / eSIM Global
on our website. To buy a SIM / eSIM and for any future balance top ups, you can use bank cards from any country in the world!

My mobile device does not see the SIM card

How quickly can I receive my order?

What should I do if my SIM card / eSIM does not work?

How is the reliability of these SIM/eSIM ensured?

SIM card Global can’t find a network

How do I top up my SIM / eSIM balance?

Devices that are compatible with eSIM

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