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Unlimited premium service with MAX eSIM and MAX SIM cards

  • eSIM Global MAX

    eSIM Global MAX 159€ / 150€ balance / Unlimited service


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  • SIM Global MAX

    SIM Global MAX 159€ / 150€ balance / Service is not limited by time


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  • eSIM Europe MAX

    eSIM Europe MAX 139€ / 130€ balance/ Unlimited service


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  • SIM Europe MAX

    SIM Europe MAX 139€ / 130€ balance / Service is not limited by time


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  • Top up Teztelecom from 25€ to 200€ all SIM/eSIM (Global / Europe / Only internet / Only Internet Global)


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Our main differences from competitors


Ultra-low rates: Europe from 1€ / GB, worldwide - from 2€ / GB

No subscription fee. Pay-per-kilobyte billing. Pay when you use the service


Speed is consistently high and does not drop regardless of traffic consumption


Live support in chatbot in Russian and English languages

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