iOS settings

To use mobile Internet, you need to save Only Internet settings on your device. Please, follow the instructions.

  • Sign up and bind the card to your account
  • Make sure there’s more than 1€ on the card’s balance; top it up if necessary
  • Enable Data Roaming
  • Make sure the preferred network type is set to 3G or 4G LTE
  • Enable automatic selection of mobile networks
  • Save the settings and make sure they’re active
  • Insert the Only Internet SIM card and wait for network logon/li>
  • Add an Access Point Name (APN) in the device settings. You can find the option in “Mobile networks” section of your device’s settings, add a new APN:

    Menu > Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names > click on the «Menu» button and select a “New APN”

    Name: globaldata
    APN: globaldata

    Username: (leave it blank)

    Password: (leave it blank)

  • Save the settings and make sure they’re active

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