КаталогSIM cardsSIM Europe 50€ / 30€ balance / 365 days service + 1 SIM as a gift

SIM Europe 50€ / 30€ balance / 365 days service + 1 SIM as a gift




Promotion 1 = 1 + 1. Buy SIM Europe for 50€ and get 30€ on your balance and service for 365 days. In addition, you will receive a second SIM Europe with 10€ on your balance and service for 180 days as a gift! Order SIM Europe now!

Buying SIM Europe will be a profitable solution for truckers, sailors, as well as anyone who often travels to European countries.

Using these SIMs will provide you with access to high-speed mobile Internet in any country in Europe at ultra low rates from 1€ per 1 GB.

Replenishment of the balance in the amount of 25€ or more, the service is extended for 365 days. SIM replenishment is available in your personal account or in our online store on our website, from anywhere in the world, 24/7!

You can use bank cards of any country in the world!

Why buy SIM Europe right now:

  • ✓ SIM Europe can only be used for internet. The classic call service is not available.
  • ✓ Stable mobile 3G, 4G/LTE internet.
  • ✓ Tariffs as for your own – from 1€/GB.
  • ✓ Coverage – Europe, 50 countries.
  • ✓ No hidden conditions, pay only for traffic
  • ✓ No subscription fee
  • ✓ Для покупки SIM и пополнения баланса вы можете использовать банковские карты любой страны мира!


By placing an order for SIM Europe heights:

  • ✓ The cost of the starter package is 50€.
  • ✓ Initial balance – 30€.
  • ✓ The validity period of the service is 365 days.


And also the second SIM Europe as a gift:

  • ✓ The cost of the starter package is 0€.
  • ✓ Initial balance – 10€.
  • ✓ The validity period of the service is 180 days.


Money is debited only when you use the Internet.

It is important to note that the Europe SIM card is suitable for any mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, Wi-Fi routers).

Buy SIM Europe right now!

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