Mobile Internet abroad from 0.01€ per Mb

  • 124 countries - one SIM card
  • Cheaper than roaming from national operators
  • No subscription fees or hidden payments
  • Free SIM card and delivery! 15€ on the balance

Stay online in any country across the world

Only Internet is a SIM card for traveling across 124 countries with affordable Internet. It’s extremely easy to use. Just insert the card in your mobile device and wait for the activation. The whole process takes less than a minute. As soon as you cross the border, the card will automatically connect to one of the local networks and become ready for service.

Works on all devices without exceptions

Mobile phones, tablets, modems, routers (2G, 3G,4G and LTE)!

No subscription fees or hidden payments

Honest rates, pay only for the traffic you use!

All SIM formats and simple setup

Standard SIM, micro SIM, and nano SIM. Card setup in under a minute!

Free worldwide shipping

Order ONLY Internet SIM card on the website and receive it in your city within 3-10 working days. Shipping time depends on your country and city.

We offer two shipping options – postal item (registered mail) or UPS delivery service. You’ll receive the tracking code within a day after placing an order.

Shipping by mail is free to any country in the world. The cost of courier delivery is calculated individually.

Topping up SIM card balance and your account

It’s easy to top up your balance! Just choose a voucher and top up amount in our Internet store, enter your SIM card number and pay for the order using your preferred method.

You can view a detailed report on your orders and payments as well as the amount of Internet traffic used in your convenient Tez Telecom account.

You can use your account from any device.

Frequently asked questions

How to buy ONLY Internet card?

You can buy the card in our online store.

How can I see my ONLY Internet number?

ONLY Internet number is printed on the plastic card holder. Please, keep it in a safe place. The number is also displayed in your account.

How can I check my ONLY Internet balance?

You can check the balance in your account on the website or by entering *187# and pressing the call button.

How can I top up the ONLY Internet SIM card balance?

You can buy a voucher to top up your SIM card balance in our online store.

What can I do if my SIM card isn’t working?

- Your should have at least 1 € on your balance - Enable mobile data roaming - Remove and re-insert your SIM card - Test your SIM card with another device to rule out any setup problems.

My ONLY Internet SIM card can’t find the network

- Switch off your device and power it on in 5 minutes - Disable automatic network selection and choose the network manually - Use the support chat on our website

My device can’t detect the ONLY Internet SIM card

- The device should have the supplier/operator blocking disabled - Remove and re-insert your SIM card - Test your SIM card with another device to rule out any setup problems - Use the support chat on our website

My Android device can’t connect to the network

Go to your settings and add a new APN = globaldata, save and make sure it’s active.

What is the period of validity for ONLY Internet cards and balance?

ONLY Internet Global SIM-card’s period of validity is 180 days, each balance top-up prolongs the period of validity by 180 days.

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