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SIM cards for ultra affordable mobile Internet in 210 countries

TEZ Telecom — international mobile roaming operator

Works around the world

TEZ Telecom SIM cards provide users with mobile Internet in more than 200 countries

Simple and transparent rates

You pay only for the Internet traffic you consume at ultra-low rates

Simple connection

Setting up your SIM card takes only a couple of minutes

Reliable and secure

For more than 9 years we’ve been providing quality communication services all over the world

Voice and video calls 2G/3G/4G/LTE internet connection Social media and messengers Cards and applications

Cost-effective mobile Internet in roaming from Tez Telecom

Being connected is now so easy. Order a SIM card that fits you and keep in touch with your family!

Tez Telecom ®

Only Internet Global

The widest mobile Internet coverage in roaming in one SIM card. 210 countries from 0,002€ per Megabyte.


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