КаталогEuropeTop up for eSIM Europe from 15€ to 200€

Top up for eSIM Europe from 15€ to 200€




Topping up your eSIM Europe balance with a nominal value of 15€, 25€, 50€, 100€ or 200€ will allow you to stay online on any vacation or trip. Buying a balance top up is easy! All you have to do is indicate your eSIM number and enter the details of your bank card, from which the money will be debited.

To prevent our system from asking you to fill out the same personal data the next time you decide to top up your balance, sign in to your personal account and add your eSIM card numbers in the “My Numbers” section. The next time you top up your balance, log in on the website and find the “Top up” button next to your Europe number.

Please note! If you top up your balance by the amount of 25€ or more, the validity period of your eSIM will be extended by 365 days. For 15€ top ups, the validity period is extended by 180 days.

To top up your eSIM you can use bank cards from any country in the world!

Top up your Europe balance and communicate with your loved ones, share files, view photos, and listen to music anytime!

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