КаталогeSIMeSIM Global MAX 159€ / 150€ credit / Unlimited service

eSIM Global MAX 159€ / 150€ credit / Unlimited service




Order eSIM Global MAX now!

Buying an eSIM Global MAX will be a profitable solution for truckers, as well as for everyone who travels around the world frequently.

Buy an eSIM for 159€ and get 150€ on your balance. Using this eSIM will provide you with access to high-speed mobile internet in 190 countries at ultra low rates from 0.002€ per 1 MB.

The use of the service is not limited by time. Buy now and use the Internet in roaming when you need it! Top up your balance only when you need it and for any convenient amount. Topping up your eSIM Global MAX card is available on our website, from anywhere in the world, 24/7!

To purchase an eSIM and its subsequent replenishment, you can use bank cards of any country in the world!

Why buy eSIM Global MAX right now:

  • ✓ eSIM Global MAX can only be used for internet. Calls are possible only via the Internet.
  • ✓ The validity of the service is not limited by time.
  • ✓ If the eSIM Global MAX is lost, it will be replaced free of charge. We will also transfer the balance without loss from the lost to the new eSIM Global MAX.
  • ✓ Stable mobile 3G, 4G/LTE internet.
  • ✓ Tariffs as for your own – from 0.002€/Mb.
  • ✓ Coverage – World, 190 countries.
  • ✓ The initial balance is 149€.
  • ✓ No hidden conditions, pay only for traffic
  • ✓ No subscription fee
  • ✓ To buy an eSIM and top up your balance, you can use bank cards from any country in the world!

Списание баланса происходит только тогда, когда вы используете интернет.

It is important to note that eSIM Global MAX is only suitable for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) that support this technology.

Покупайте eSIM Global MAX прямо сейчас!

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